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Tippinators on the Cover of APG
originally published October 2012 issue of Action Pursuit Games

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Tippinator Mark Miller Featured in Action Pursuit Games

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An All Tippmann Paintball Team - The Tippinators

Originally posted to

The Tippinators Paintball Team started with just a simple conversation shared between Scott Knowles and Bruce Johnston in the early days of July 2005.

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The View from the Turret:
Is 40 Old? Not if You're a Paintball Player
By: Dawn Allcot

Full Article Posted to Shooting Hot Magazine November 2009 Issue
Excerpt below

Working Out in Your 40's .. and Beyond
Bruce Johnston, captain of the Nova Scotia, Canada based Tippinators, is another so-called older player who works hard to play up front. "During dry land training I'm usually leading the team," he says. "As the leader, I have to be in front."
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3 Drills to Improve Speedball Skills
Nova Scotia Team Uses Drills To Transition From Woodsball to Tournament Play
By: Chris “Paint Monkey” Wingate

originally published in the November 2009 issue of Action Pursuit Games

You may have heard of the Tippinators. They are a team based in Nova Scotia, and they made the transition from woodsball to tournament-play formats. Famous for being diplomats of sportsmanship and their loyalty to Tippmann markers, this crew is a perfect example that hard work and training are more important to success than rate of fire. Since any one can spary the field, we spoke with the team’s captain, Bruce "Charon" Johnston, to find out how the "Tipps" train to improve their speedball skill and asked him to share a few drills. Here are some questions we asked:"

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