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The Tippinators are fortunate to have rostered some of the hardest working, most dedicated players in Eastern Canada. Each player knows the team comes before the individual player. The players are committed to each other creating a bond almost unheard of in amateur sport.

The strength of the team comes from playing and practicing regularly, plus weekly wing night at local restaurant and other off field activities has made this one of tightest knit groups in the sport. The Tippinators are more like a big dysfunctional family then a team. That’s the way they like it.

Whether on or off the field the Tippinators promote the positive aspects of paintball and make sure everyone is having fun.

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1 Boiduk, Josh
2 Colwell, Trevor
3 Coolen, Chris
4 Flaherty, Austin
5 Gardiner, Ken
6 Johnston, Bruce
7 Konoff, Andrew
8 Landry, Andre
9 Landry, Chris
10 Landry, Justin
11 Lapham, Dan
12 Miller, Mark
13 Mullins, Chris
14 Robinson, Richard
15 Smith, Scott
16 Thomas, Andy
17 Thomson, Jason
18 VanHorne, Ben

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