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Friday, July 29, 2005

Tippinators Formed - Play in First Tournament

July 2005 three woodsballer came together and started a three man speedball team named the TIPPINATORS (this is not misspelled it is a combination of the words Tippmann and Terminators). The only requirement is that every member of the team can use only a Tippmann A-5 in competition. The team were entered in a rookie airball tournament on July 30th and were carrying the Tippmann A-5 banner into battle against the $1000+ electro super markers.

 They did their best but came up short. The three Tippinators with their stock A-5's couldn't compete with the kids and their super markers. The team did manage one win. That win was against the team that ended up wining the whole tournament and we were the only team to pull that off all day. We may not have won but we gained considerable respect. In every game the Tippinators bloodied the opponents noses and let them know that we would not roll over and play dead and were able to get points in every game. One of the Tippinators even managed to bunker an opponent and the team was part of the longest game of the day against the team that came in fourth.

The Tippinators could have won that game but Charon was shooting left handed around a bunker at an opponent who was wide open and twice hit the safety before the trigger. The photo of Charon in the team logo was taken just seconds before the shot mentioned above.
It should be added that it was not the A-5's that were out preformed it was the team. The Tippinators now completely realize that speedball is all about anticipation and reflexes. Balls per second while important doesn't really matter all that much once you get over 8 or 9. Experience gives you the ability to anticipate the opponent's actions and you are either born with reflexes or you are not. One player on the team that came fourth went out with a full hopper and that's it, no pods. His reflexes were so good he would only need to fire five or six in a string to get his elims.

It was a great day for the team and a day where the woodsballers had the speedballers coming up to them after the game saying "that was great", "tough game" and "that was a sweet move". At the end of the day the speedballers were coming up and asking to see the milsim markers. They could not believe that three woodsballers with semi auto A-5 could put up so much of a fight. The Tippinators did not take home a trophy but they took something much more valuable. Respect. 

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