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The Tippinators love paintball, every type and style of the game. Woodsball, speedball, recball or xball, it doesn't matter to the Tippinators.

Formed in 2005, the Tippinators can be found playing woodsball every Sunday at Mersey Road Paintball in Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as scenario, speedball and xball events throughout Eastern Canada and US.

"The word Tippinators has become synonymous with honesty, integrity, fair play, embodying the very best this sport has to offer." said Brent Cunningham of Tippmann Sports in Fort Wayne Indiana. "We know the Tippinators will represent the sport of paintball with class and professionalism."

Shake hands, play hard, have fun, make new friends, remember that it is just a game (tm)

You can't play the game without signing a waiver.
Download paintball waivers here:

Mersey Road Paintball : Printable Waiver