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Friday, November 4, 2005

Tippinators Play in Open Tournament

The Tippinators stepped up the team's level of competition on November 5th, 2005 by entering an Open Class 3-Man tournament at Mersey Road Paintball for the fourth tournament in the team's history. Some great teams showed up for the tournament including; Overkill Hate Crew (tournament winners), Team Overkill, Primal (mens and ladies), Spikes 5150 to name a few. Even though the Tippinators are still a rookie team they felt the experience of playing against better teams would help with their long range development.

The skill level of the competitors in the tournament was head and shoulders above the level of play the Tippinators experienced in the previous rookie level events. Tippinators Captain Bruce (Charon) Johnston said, "I admit that in I few games I was caught flat footed. I was so amazed at some of the moves I saw out there that I became a spectator rather than a participant. There was some really incredible paintball being played on the field today."

The team finished seventh for the day and came away feeling very positive in knowledge that even with their limited experience they can hold their own, and even win a few games, against some of the best teams in the region. Scott (Hired Gun) Knowles commented, "Wow there is a lot of talent out on that field. I learned a lot."

The Tippinators will enter Open Class tournaments as well as continuing to play in Rookie events as long as their eligibility permits. Austin (Juno) Flaherty summed it up best "We were outclassed and out skilled in this tournament but it was a great confidence builder for us especially as a new team. We now know what it takes to play paintball at the next level and more importantly we proved that at our current level of play we still fit in with these great players and the Tippinators are here to stay."


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