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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tippinators Start 2006 Season at Black Friday

The Tippinators attended, worked and played at the event that most players consider to be the start of the paintball season in eastern Canada, the hugely popular "Black Friday" scenario game, was held on April 14th 2006 at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia. A total of 322 players from throughout the region braved heavy rain and cold temperatures at the start of the day to make the 2006 edition of Black Friday a huge success.

Black Friday is a unique event in that it attracts players from both sides of the paintball world. After a long winter of hibernation speedballers sporting their bight jerseys take to the field to play with and against their camouflaged woodsball brothers to have some fun, shoot some paint and sharpen their skills before the summer paintball season gets into full swing.

The hard core paintball addicts who struggled through the rain in the morning were able to turn it up a notch and show their stuff as the visibility and temperatures increased throughout the day. By the end of the day a quarter of a million paintballs were shot and the players unanimously agreed that all had a great day of paintball.

The experienced referees and staff at the field were happy to report not a single injury nor incident of any kind at the event. The success of Black Friday is a clear indication that 2006 will be a very good year for paintball in Eastern Canada.

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