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Monday, September 4, 2006

Paintball Team Makes Splash at International Tourney

Paintball team makes splash at international tourney By Allison Chandler - The Daily News

A Halifax paintball group is garnering some positive attention for how they play the game.

The Tippinators recently sent two teams to Pennsylvania to compete at the Tippmann Three Man Challenge on August 20 at Skirmish, one of the largest paintball fields in the US.
One managed a third place finish, the other ninth, and both received accolades for their team spirit. "It's because we're Nova Scotians," said Bruce Johnston, captain of the Tippinators.

Jordan Ricks of Special Ops Paintball in Utah said: "The integrity of the Tippinators and respect shown to speedballers has garnered them equal respect - near adoration - from the tourney crowd."

Ricks said the sport can have feuding players, but the Nova Scotian team was anything but that.

The novice level team has been playing together for two years, and meets every Sunday at Mersey Road Paintball in East River.

There are more than 20 Nova Scotian teams, with both men and women players.

Johnston said the game is gaining popularity and is safe.

"It is statistically safer than bowling." said Johnston. He said getting hit by a paintball doesn't hurt as some people might expect.

The team uses Tippmann A-5 paintball markers to play speedball, one of the two common ways of playing. Woodsball is the other.

"A 12 year old girl can compete head to head with a 40 year old man, with both people playing to the maximum of their ability, and either person can win." said Johnston.

The members, aged 13 to 53, are mostly from the Halifax area.

Josh Boiduk, 13, of Eastern Passage is one of the players. After playing the sport at a birthday party he was hooked, "You get an adrenaline rush," said Boiduk.

For people who might say that paintball promotes violence Johnston said: "Then you haven't played. It's about having fun, getting exercise, and about honour."

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