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Friday, January 26, 2007

Tippinators Narrowly Miss Podium

Saturday January 27, 2007 marked a new day in the history of paintball in Atlantic Canada. Overkill Indoor, the first and only regulation size indoor xball field in Atlantic Canada, hosted the first tournament for 2007 and the first tournament for the new facility. Fifteen 3 Man teams from across the region converged on the Dartmouth Nova Scotia to shoot some paint, have some fun and get ready for the upcoming season.
The Tippinators entered only two of the three teams scheduled to play due to an illness and an injury of two key team members. Both lines that entered played well, won a few games and surprised some of the out of town teams who had heard of but never played against the Tippinators.

Austin Flaherty, Richard Robinson, Chris Landry and Justin Landry, playing as Tippinators Green, finished in 8th place for the day. Austin Flaherty was pleased with the performance of his squad. Flaherty summed up the day perfectly, "We all had our moments of glory looking like pros, then have our silly games where we look just like the kids with rentals. But that doesn't mean we weren't having fun." The highlight of the day for Tippinators Green was a run of three consecutive victories at one point. The last of these victories was won by Richard 'Krush' Robinson battling solo through a 1 on 2 to get the hang.

Watching from the sidelines, injured team captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston was impressed with the Green squad as the tournament progressed. "The boys [Green Squad] looked great out there today and came up with some big wins. Things were really starting to gel for the line at the end of the day." Johnston continued "If they had played four or five more games they might have made it to the finals. They were really rolling."

Tippinators Black anchored by Jim 'Jimbo' Langlois and Scott 'Hired Gun' Knowles played well and were happy with the greatly improved play of rookies Trevor 'Awkes' Colwell and Josh 'Fireball' Boiduk. Finishing the day three spots behind Tippinators Green in 11th place was no disappointment for the line according to Scott Knowles. "Josh [Fireball] and Trevor [Awkes] played really well today considering the tough and talented field of players. Josh made some great moves through the snake and Trevor is harnessing his natural abilities to bump the field and make some key eliminations." Jim Langlois agreed with Knowles assessment, "Yeah we could have placed higher but the new guys [Awkes and Fireball] really stepped it up today. A little more playing time and these guys are going to be a wrecking crew."

When the day was done, the dust had settled and the gear was packed up Flaherty said of the Tippinators performance "I'm glad we all had some max's on the board at the end of the day, something to be proud of for sure." Flaherty continued, "I'm proud to be a part of this team and I only see a bright future ahead of us." 

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