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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Big Can Hopes to Take Tippinators to the 'Next Level'

The decision was easy for Curry, an elite level paintballer, to help a group of scenario players who have moved into the speedball world, "For the Tippinators to play the honest, clean paintball they do and have a small amount of success on the field is great. But if they can hold true to their team motto and start winning tournaments it will show everyone in the paintball world the way it should be done." Curry continued, "the Tipp's have had more success with sponsors then any other team in the region simply by playing paintball with heart and honor. Imagine the sponsorship success they will have if they take their game to the next level, WINNING with honor. I'd like to help them achieve that."
Curry currently coaches Moncton - East Coast Shock of the CXBL and the Halifax Hitmen of the AXBL and he knows what it takes to put a winning team on the field. With his coaching schedule already near capacity Curry's reasons for taking on one more coaching assignment are simple "The greatest reward for me is to turn guys who love the game into winners." Curry said "To take the Tippinators passion, guts and raw ability and fine tune them into a real powerhouse of a team would be a real coup for me personally."

Does Curry plan to become a permanent fixture with the Tippinators? "I will help the guys as long as they want my help, continue to take practices seriously, and as long as I have something to show them that will make them better." Curry says "Right now things are going great, the guys are giving it their all and everyone can see the improvements. I'll help out as long as that continues."
Team Captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston was impressed by Big Can after only one practice. "Wow" Johnston says "BC [Big Can] is an amazing coach. He has the rare ability to adjust his presentation according to who is listening. He teaches at each player's level, never talks down to anyone and ensure that every player is learning." Johnston was excited about what he learned from Curry, "BC told me all this common sense stuff that I never thought of before. Things that make you say Doh I shoulda known that, it makes sense." Johnston continued "I was a 100% better player after spending only two hours in one practice with BC. I can't wait to see what I am going to learn from him next."

The Tippinators renewed commitment to improving in 2007, coupled with the superb coaching of Kevin 'Big Can' Curry is making every member of the team look forward, with great anticipation, to the 2007 paintball season. 

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