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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Black Friday - A True 'Paintball' Event

The 2007 outdoor paintball season in Atlantic Canada kicked off April 6th with the popular, 11th annual Black Friday scenario game held at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia.

The Black Friday event, considered the start of the Eastern Canadian paintball season by most, is a unique event in that attracts players from all parts of the paintball world. After a long winter of hibernation, scenario teams can be found standing shoulder to shoulder with Xball teams.
Speedballers sporting their bight jerseys take to the field to play with and against their camouflaged woodsball brothers with the purpose of having some fun, shooting some paint and sharpening skills before the summer paintball season gets into full swing and players head back to their preferred style of play.
The East Coast Army and Milsim Maniacs lead the red team onto the field against the yellow team anchored by Wild Aces and Tippinators. Both team's ranks were filled out with the more then 350 players who arrived eager to play the four acre winter field expansion for the first time.

The heavy rain forecasted for the day held off but the below freezing temperatures brought out periods of snow. The white shelled DraXxuS Frostbite paint shot flawlessly in the cold weather, but became invisible once it left the barrel of the marker due to the snow. Shouts of "Where'd that one go!" could be heard from players all over the field.

As the weather cleared the intensity of play picked up. The reffing crew from the AXBL's South Shore Storm ran the field like a huge XBall game, at times. The Storm boys shocked many woodsballers by diving into streams of paint checking possible hits.

As the day progressed the teams fought back and forth across the field for hours with neither team having the advantage long. The teams were so evenly matched that when the final horn blew no clear winner could be declared. The stalemate didn't seem to matter to the players as board smiles could be seen throughout the staging area along with animated retelling of the game.

With the attendance of scenario teams, Xball teams, woodsballers, speedballers veterans and first timers, Black Friday can be considered and true paintball event without boundaries. If the success of Black Friday is any indication, 2007 will be a very good year for paintball in Eastern Canada. 

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