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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Operation High Waters Rocks Prince Edward Island

Best known for potatoes and Ann of Green Gables, the tiny east coast Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) will from now on also be known as a hotbed of scenario paintball, thanks to the highly successful Operation High Waters: The Carpathian Impasse played October 21 at Spikes 5150 in York PEI.
Operation High Waters: The Carpathian Impasse was a multipoint capture scenario simulating a conflict in the not to distant future, 2047. The premise of the game was Western Europeans were forced to migrate east away from coastal cities in the wake of an unexpected rise in sea level due to global warming. The Western Europeans are opposed by the Russians who refuse to allow foreign refugees to invade their territory. The theatre of the conflict is a pass in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, where both sides need to deploy a wireless sensor network in specific locations to monitor the activities of the opposing forces for use in future military action. The Russian team was motivated to protect their sovereignty and the Western European team to ensure their survival.

The teams battled back and forth across the field throughout the game with neither team able to secure the upper hand. Aggressive, coordinated fire and movement tactics were successful and the Western European team was able to push back the Russian side and get the sixth checkpoint punch winning the game just before time expired.

While cleaning up and swapping stories of daring exploits from the day, players unanimously agreed that the game mechanics worked flawlessly, the field layout was challenging and varied, and the scenario itself was internally consistent with the teams being evenly matched. No matter the team, win or lose, all players were laughing and smiling at the end of the day, the true measure of success for any scenario game.
Event organizer, Chris Vessey thanked all players for their attendance and singled out the Tippinators for making the trip to PEI and helping to make the event a success, "It was truly an honour to have you folks [Tippinators] over for this event. I know that many people were impressed with your gear, but many more were impressed with your attitude - fairness in play, honest and open in talking about the sport." Vessey continued, "You guys are a great example of what all paintball should be."

Tippinators Captain Bruce 'Charon' Johnston was very impressed with the event. "On behalf of the Tippinators Paintball Team I would like to thank everyone involved with making Operation High Waters: The Carpathian Impasse scenario event a huge success." Johnston commented. "It is hard to believe that this was the first event of its kind on Prince Edward Island. The event had clearly defined objectives; a great field set up, was expertly organized and ran without a hitch all day." Johnston summed up the feeling of the entire team, "We are truly honoured to have been invited to this inaugural event and very much look forward to playing future scenario games."

Operation High Waters: The Carpathian Impasse the first ever scenario paintball game ever played on Prince Edward Island Canada was an unqualified success. Players from around Atlantic Canada eagerly await the next event being prepared by Chris Vessey and the scenario team at Spike Paintball. Vessey wouldn't tip his hand as to what he has in mind for the next event. Through a broad smile all he would say is, "It will be bigger and better. If you want to know, you will have to come out and play." 

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