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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advanced Paintball Electronics Put Tippinator in Packaging

Everyone who buys an electronic board from Advanced Paintball Electronics (APE) will see the Tippinators own Josh 'Cornbread' Boiduk on the box.

According to APE, the photo of Josh, taken at Skirmish USA by TJ Allcot, perfectly embodies the spirit of woodsball and fits in perfectly with the image APE wants to convey to the marketplace.

If you want your Tippmann A-5 to run with the big dogs on the paintball field you must buy an Egrip Rampage board from Advanced Paintball Electronics. Not only will you get a first class board that turns your mechanical A-5 into a true supermarker, but you will also get your very own action photo of Cornbread sporting his SpecOps Fusion gear and trusty Tippmann A5.

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