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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tippinators Raise Money for Feed Nova Scotia

Tippinators Help Less Fortunate at CBC Food Drive for Feed Nova Scotia

The Tippinators have attended many paintball events over the past two years. At each event the team does their best to make a positive contribution to the paintball community, leading by example, with integrity and fair play.

This holiday season the Tippinators decided to take the team ethos one step further and contribute to the community. The team purchased a trunk load of food, using money gather from the team members, topped off with non perishable food items from home all to support the Halifax area food banks through Feed Nova Scotia.

The team planned to drop the food at a local mall during a radio station food drive. Half of the team showed up with food only to find that food drive event had met their quota and ended the previous day.

The team contacted Feed Nova Scotia directly to find out where the donation could be made. Feed Nova Scotia was glad to hear from the team and mentioned an upcoming food drive sponsored by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Feed Nova Scotia also said they were looking for volunteers to work the CBC Food Drive during the morning rush hour at the Halifax Ferry Terminal, the main non vehicular commuter route into the Provincial capital.

On Friday December 12th, seven Tippinators cleared their schedules and showed up before Tim Horton’s was even serving coffee - that’s really early on the Canadian clock. The team stayed at the Ferry Terminal collecting food and cash donations from the throng of morning commuters.

Mark ‘Tinman’ Miller was initially disappointed at missing the radio sponsored food drive. “We were all pretty disappointed, but I’m glad we missed that drop off” Miller continued, “What we did today had more impact on the community than just dropping off some food and leaving. What we did made a difference.”

As the rush died down, the team helped the CBC staff load the food donations for transport to Feed Nova Scotia. The team and CBC were pleased that the morning work resulted in a van of food and over $1000 cash, to feed needy families over the Christmas season.

“It was a great experience, the people of Halifax really care about helping others.” commented Chris ‘Fuzzy’ Landry, “Everyone who donated really dug deep. I specifically remember one lady reaching into her pocket and grabbing a whole handful of change, and then giving a portion to each one of us, we were all smiles after that.”

“This amount of cash though small does have an impact on the bigger picture,” said Ben ‘Ch3’ VanHorn, “Today we fed some families, and raised awareness for the hungry.” So pleased by the outcome VanHorn vowed “Next year the Tippinators will do it bigger, better and feed even more families.”

Thanks to the positive feedback from commuters and success of the day’s activities. The Tippinators will be ‘on call’ for the next CBC food drive in support of Feed Nova Scotia.

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