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Monday, February 9, 2009

East Coast Champs: Tippinators

East Coast Champs: Tippinators
Milsim Maniacs Battle the Tippinators for the Atlantic Woodsball League Series Title!

originally published in the February 2009 issue of Action Pursuit Games

In the beginning, there was only woodsball. World title matches played out in the woods. There was no "speedball" no arena-ball games. Today, in return to paintball's strong suit, fields around the country see the resurgence in woodsball. Paintball is moving back into the woods, not only with big games and scenarios, but also with woodsball tournaments and competitive woodsball leagues...."

One such league, the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL), draws hardcore woodsballers from Eastern Canada. Due to demand are opening in 2007, the AWL expanded in 2008, for competition against the best teams in the region. The AWL works to keep the games fun and exciting for players regardless of experience.
 AWL founder and event producer Shaun Langille said, "We learned a lot during 2007 that we applied to make the (2008) season even better. The influx of new teams to the league proves there is a market for this kind of paintball if it's done right"

The "easy to understand" game format has teams playing a single round robin format. Each match is broken into two 30-minute games with teams switching flag stations for the second game. This gives each team a turn at each flag station, to keep things even if there is ant field position advantage.

Points accumulated during play determine that match winner. Eliminating opposing players, plus taking and holding each of three flag stations, earn points for the team, eliminated players immediately re-enter the game after checking in with a scorekeeper and rechronographing.

The Simplicity of the play makes the games fun, exciting, and highly competitive. Jason Thomson of the Milsim Maniacs, impressed with the rule set and the high level of play, said, "The competition faced in the AWL put the fun back in woodsball. It's been a long time since I've seen such a dedicated group of players ready to play their hearts out"

"The show of sportsmanship by all players was incredible. It's fantastic to see a league that is a rewarding for woodsballers as it is fun," said Thomson.

Dan Lapham of the Tippinators, a former CXBL All-Star, enjoyed getting back to his paintball roots with competitive Woodsball. "AWL allowed me to once again feel all the reasons I first fell in love with the sports in the beginning," said Lapham. "Playing paintball, having fun, all in hopes of coming off the field with at least one good story to share in the staging area.

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