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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Operation Iceberg - Warriors in the Woods VII

Operation Iceberg - Warriors in the Woods VII
Last Minute Heroics Will Decide Who Wins Game!
By Bruce 'Charon' Johnston

originally published in the April 2009 issue of Action Pursuit Games
Strategically placed artillery strike. A surge by Allied players captures the Axis flag station. Will this decide the outcome of Operation Iceberg?

Still licking their wounds from the previous three operations, the Axis team was primed and ready to turn the tables, crush the Allies, and write their own history. The Axis would settle for nothing less than to score a decisive victory.

Mersey Road Paintball
Both teams arrived at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia on April 13th, 2008, for Banshee Paintball’s scenario, Warriors in the Woods VII – Operation Iceberg. Atlantic Canada’s premier scenario game drew 426 players from across the region. Some traveled up to 13 hours from Quebec to play in the most anticipated and longest running, scenario game series in Eastern Canada.

Warriors in the Woods VII: Operation Iceberg started where the previous game left off. At the end of Warriors in the Woods VI: Operation Cobra, the Allied team had forced the Axis back into a corner of the field. The first objective of the Axis in Operation Iceberg was to break through the Allied line, halt the advance, and turn the tables on the Allies to seize the initiative.

From the start, special effects created a sense of realism around the field, loudspeakers played a battle soundtrack. The screams of incoming artillery and the clatter of tank tracks filled the air. Smoke canisters and pyrotechnics around the field caused confusion due the limited ability for voice and visual communication.

To break the Allied advance, small groups of Axis players lead by the Tippinators and Milsim Maniacs crawled through the Allied lines. The objective was to take the fight directly to the Allied rear area.

Bt the time the Allies had rooted out and eliminated the marauding Axis players it was too late. Disruption caused by the penetration raids halted the Allied advance enough for the Axis plans to come to fruition. The Axis team retook the initiative and pushed forward.

Take the Flag
After four hours of pitched battles, the Axis pushed back the Allies. As time ran down, the long awaited decisive looked to be within the grasp of the Axis team. The Allies tried a final push.

A strategically placed artillery strike followed by a surge forward of Allied players captured the Axis flag station – and the respawn point!

The flag pull stopped the game, but the point total throughout the day was in favor of the Axis. Then the final Allied push.

Both teams were sure they would be victorious, and waited for the official announcement. In the end, the flag pull was enough to push the Allies over the top and claim victory.

Ultimate Victors
Even though he fought hard for the Axis, Tippinator player Austin ‘Juno’ Flaherty said the fun factor matters most: “Playing alongside fellow Tippinators and so many other enthusiastic players made the difference for me all day. It was a great day of paintball.”

Tippinator teammate Tyler ‘Dexen’ Johnson said, “This may have been the best Warriors yet. Seeing new players with rentals playing alongside, and against, veteran scenario and tournament players – and everyone smiling at the end of the day – was great to see.”

The overwhelming success and nail-biting outcome of Operation Iceberg left both teams eager for the next game. Le the battle continue, so an Ultimate Victor can be determined!

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