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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spike's Paintball Fall Big Game

The fall paintball season kicked off in Atlantic Canada with the 2009 edition of the Spikes Paintball Big Game. Traditionally held on the Labour Day weekend, the Spikes Game draws players from throughout Atlantic Canada. Spikes Field owner Roddy MacDonald once again invited the Tippinators, to the Prince Edward Island game as ‘Special Guests’ for PEI’s premier scenario event.

Due to the overwhelming popularity, and success, of the D-Day game last year, MacDonald continued with the World War II theme. D-Day plus 1 was the theme for the September 6, 2009 game. The game’s popularity was evident not only by the turnout from the hardcore scenario guys, but also the new younger players and their parents, who came to battle beside them.

The Tippinators resumed their role leading the Axis team against the Allied team lead by the home field Spikes Special Operations Group. Unlike previous years, Tippinators showed up to the field ahead of schedule, giving the team time to pose for photos around a prop jeep, mingle and talk to younger players, while preparing to start play.

The Tippinators task this year was to protect the Axis General and Enigma machine while pushing the Allied invaders back into the sea. From the opening whistle Jason Thomson, Richard Robinson and Justin Landry pushed hard up the left side of the field, hoping to pin down the Allied force and open a hole through which other Axis players to push. Allied players advanced faster than anticipated and were able to take up key defensive positions before the Tippinators could get in place.

With their line of advance blocked the Tipp’s decided to change tactics. Scott Knowles, working as a Heavy Gunner, held down the left side while Thomson, Landry and Robinson worked the tape line. Richard Robinson threw himself forward to remove an enemy sniper leaving Thomson and Landry free to move forward, interlock lanes of fire with Knowles, and block the left side of the field and Allied reinforcements.

Dan Lapham and Chris Landry, working as Tippinators shock troops for the day, gave encouragement and direction to the younger players, to push forward and gain ground. After what seemed a long stalemate Axis players had control of the flanks and were able to eliminate any Allied player attempting to push the center of the field, while slowly moving toward the Allied start point.

At the end of the first half of play, neither team was able to secure their main objectives, however, the elimination of the Allied Commander twice gave the Axis team and Tippinators a very slim 100 point lead heading into the second half of play.

Teams switched ends for the second half. With both teams knowing the relative strengths and weaknesses of their former lines, the game bogged down to a stalemate quickly. To break the stalemate, Dan Lapham and Chris Landry living up to their name Shock Troops made the gustiest moves of the day. After shooting out two Allied player at the base of a tower, Lapham made a run, ending in a head first dive to secure the tower and prevent its use by respawning Allied players. Once the tower was secured Landry made a 20 bound past the tower to eliminate a number of players holed up in a forward bunker.

Throughout the second half no team was able to take the initiative and secure decisive victory. Medics quickly brought players back into the fight and respawning players were able to fill holes in the lines as they appeared.

Near the end of the game with paint running low, in an attempt to gain the advantage, a Spikes Special Operations Group player yelled out "Excuse me! I’m awfully low on paint. Can you move about a foot to the right so I can drill you in the face?" Justin Landry was quick to remind the player of his manners "You forgot to say please, try saying please!"

The game drew to a close as the first half of play had, with the Axis holding a slim lead over the Allies. Congratulations passed out around throughout the Axis ranks followed by prize draws, and a concluding message from field owner Roddy MacDonald,

The 2009 Spikes Big Game was another record setting attendance day for a scenario game on PEI. The Tippinators extend gratitude to everyone who welcomed the team to this year’s D-Day, and a special thanks to Roddy for being a terrific host, with a great field and amazing staff.

Move over Anne of Green Gables, there’s now an even better reason to visit Prince Edward Island thanks to Spikes Paintball. Tippinators host 2nd annual charity golf tournament

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