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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Tippmann Paintball Team

Originally posted to pain4glory.com

The Tippinators Paintball Team started with just a simple conversation shared between Scott Knowles and Bruce Johnston in the early days of July 2005.

The two were playing woodsball in Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia. They overheard a talk from a few speedballers about a rookie tournament that is about to come up by the end of that same month. The players were laughing at the idea of any speedballer winning such a tournament or even just having the guts to enter such. But this became a serious matter for the two men. Hence, they decided to enter the tournament and face the great challenge.

Since that day of July 2005, the Tippinators Paintball team grew to a total of 18 members and has played throughout the entirety of the North Eastern part of US and the Eastern section of Canada. The ripples of success that they have created lapped into a sea of sponsors who were running after being associated with the team’s determination and success. The Tippinators Paintball Team were famous not just for their elegant sportsmanship but with how they view the paintball sport as something that is worthy of fun and experience.

At present, the Tippinators Paintball Team continues to bring great impact to other paintball teams around the world. Their fun loving hearts simply love the art of paintball and every type and style the sport may offer, whether that would be woodsball, recball, xball or speedball. They are usually seen playing every Sunday at Mersey Road Paintball. After their rookie success in 2008 for xball, they are now renewing their franchise and will be competing in the Xball league of Canda. The team believes that their simple mission of having fun and making new friends is enough to make them always be ahead of their own game and of their rivals.

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