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Monday, May 3, 2010

Warriors in the Woods X: Operation Raven

After years of playing the largest scenario event is Eastern Canada, the Tippinators were pleased to have been asked to referee Warriors in the Woods X: Operation Raven. The tenth edition of the Warriors in the Woods series took place on Sunday May 2, 2010 at Mersey Road Paintball, East River, Nova Scotia.

The reputation of Eric Fisher and the staff of Banshee Paintball put together a world class paintball game is well know throughout Atlantic Canada. Eric Fisher’s Warriors in the Woods is the longest running scenario series in Eastern Canada.

After such a long run ‘Warriors’ is showing no sign of losing appeal with the players. Proof of the popularity was proven as registration limit of 400 was sold out long before event day.

The premise of Operation Raven is the Axis forces have been forced out of Europe and taken refuge in the Brazilian jungle.

Allied Forces have chased the Axis to South America and must cross the mighty Amazon River to continue toward the ultimate destruction of fascism.

The field was divided by the Amazon, and its tributaries, with a limited number of crossings thereby forcing players into fierce firefights to gain ground. The addition of a gunboat, constantly traveling the river, shooting exposed players from either team proved to be a favourite of the players.

The Tippinators roamed the field doing paint checks and helping players. Arguably the most important task for the team was pyro. Sound effects played over speakers around the field, smoke grenades plus an incredible amount of pyrotechnic explosions added a sense of realism to the day. The Tippinators had a fun watching great paintballers play plus getting to blow things up all day.

"Operation Raven was our biggest undertaking to date." said Eric Fisher the owner of Banshee Paintball. "All the proverbial blood sweat and tears, are worth it when we see that we were able to bring both an epic day of paintball, and a smile to the players faces."