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Saturday, October 9, 2010

2010 ATWL Championship

Players saved the most intense paintball battles for last event of the season. The season long battle for the 2010 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) championship was decided Saturday October 9th, at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia.

Game one was characterized by ferocious fights at choke points, with maximum amount of paint in the air. Exploitation of small weakness on both side resulted in multiple changes of flag station possession. Game one ended with what appeared to be a slim victory by Anthraxx.

A short pause to pod and air up was all that was needed before the teams hit the field again, this time starting at opposite ends. The Mercenaries knew that they had no choice but to win game two convincingly in order to have any chance to win the Championship. Anthraxx was prepared for the Mercenaries onslaught, and were confident they could hold their lead until the final horn.

Game two was a stark contrast to the first. Both teams rushed forward off the break then settled into a game of creeping and making selected shots. Where game one was fueled by pure adrenaline, game two was a game of nervous anticipation and constant movement.

The final horn resulted in a Mercenaries win. With each team winning one game and finished with comparable points for of flag captures both teams nervously waited for the final results to be calculated.

League owner Shaun Langille met with Head Referee Chris Landry for clarification on the penalties assessed. Landry was barraged with questions when he left the meeting by players looking for a hint at which team was victorious. Landry’s reply "Guys this one is coming down to the wire. I have no idea who won."

An agonizing 20 minutes passed before Langille emerged and called the teams in for the announcement. The final result:
435 points - Anthraxx
390 points - Nova Scotia Mercenaries

Screams of joy erupted from Anthraxx at the news all of their hard work for the season paid off, and they had won the Atlantic Woodsball League Championship for 2010.

Head referee Chris Landry of the Tippinators was impressed with the finals. "Today I saw more examples of teamwork and gentlemanly play from both teams that I have seen in a long time." Landry concluded "The teams played hard, they came out to have fun, and it showed on the field. It was great paintball to watch"

In his closing remarks after another successful season Shaun Langille said, "I want to thank the players, Empire, Kee action sports and the Tippinators for a fantastic season of woodsball." Shaun summed up the season by saying, "It was exciting to see new league champions, Anthraxx played hard and they deserve the win."

The final standings for the ATWL season are:
Anthraxx - 2010 ATWL Champion
Nova Scotia Mercenaries
Mersey Road Predators
Iron Legion
Halifax Maniacs