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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tippinators Join the CXBL

Official Press Release
Montreal - Quebec - Canada

For Immediate Release: February 18,2011

The Xtreme Paintball League and the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League are pleased to announce their newly strengthened union. The Canadian AXBL and the AX4 divisions will now be joining the ranks of the CXBL as the Atlantic conference; these divisions will be converted into both an MXL division and CX4 division respectively.

"Since 2006, the AXBL has shrived to deliver the best possible paintball experience for Atlantic Canadian players", said Mike Bourque, AXBL Commissioner. "In doing so, we’ve always tried to model ourselves after Canada’s Premiere paintball league, the CXBL. With players from all four Atlantic Provinces, competition has always been the driving force behind our game and we believe this separates us from the competition."

"The Canadian AXBL’s team owners are athletes have displayed true dedication to the sport of paintball and are a welcome addition to the ranks of the CXBL", said Louie D’Alesio, CXBL Commissioner. "This will further ensure that the Xball format is the most widely played format across Canada."

The Xtreme Paintball League ….. “Making Good Players Great”


The Tippinators are excited to hear about the merger between Xtreme Paintball League and the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League.

"What are some of the implications and what kind of changes can be expected?" asked Tippinators sophomore snake man Andre Landry rhetorically. "Once the dust settles all players will see that this is a great thing for Atlantic Canada paintball. We will get the same great facilities and exciting action plus the increased exposure and the legitimacy of being part of a truly national league."

May 21st and 22nd, Storm Warning Paintball in Kentville Nova Scotia, will play host to the first games in a new era of paintball. A professionally run xball league being played from coast to coast in Canada. Paintballers from British Columbia to Newfoundland will be playing under the banner of the CXBL.

When asked why the Atlantic division will be MXL and not CXBL, league spokesman Kevin Curry said, "We discussed at length whether to have CXBL or MXL division. It was decided that due to the low and dispersed population in Atlantic Canada compared to the rest of the country, MXL would be the perfect fit for the region."

AXBL, CXBL or MXL, the Tippinators are excited to start the 2011 season in Kentville and in being part of history as the CXBL becomes a truly national league. In an effort to link the past to the future, Tippinators will be wearing a white Tippmann Effect style jersey and sporting their Tippmann markers and fun loving attitude for 2011 and beyond.