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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tippinators Undefeated in MXL

Tippinators Play CXBL - Canadian Xtreme Paintball League
2010 marked the final year of play for the Atlantic Xtreme Paintball League, AXBL, which was replaced in 2011 buy the expansion of the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League, CXBL. The CXBL expanded their footprint from Atlantic to Pacific by setting up the Atlantic Division of the Minor Xtreme Paintball League, the CXBL feeder league.

The Tippinators were proud to be selected to play the very first Atlantic Division MXL game against Kentville Storm in Kentville at Storm Warning Paintball Sunday May 22, 2011.

Few gave the Tippinators a chance of winning against a much more experienced and larger Strom squad. With six of the MXL rostered Tippinators out of the country playing the Living Legends Scenario Game at CPX Paintball in Chicago Illinois the team’s prospects for the premier match seemed very remote indeed.

In traditional Tippinators fashion the decision was made to play hard, fast and fair. The team would play their hardest, with heart and leave everything on the field. No matter the odds the team in the other pits would know they were in a fight.

The starting line up for the first point ever point in the Atlantic MXL, were new members Christian Alary and Bryant Capson along with Tippinator veterans Justin Landry, Chris Mullins and Ken Gardiner. Subsequent points would be played by new members Will Kerr and Aaron Vasil who would be substituted in every other point for whomever required additional recovery time.

The team dug deep and traded Storm point for point through the first half. Early in the second half Storm got into penalty trouble which allowed the Tippinators to take a two point lead. Storm showed their depth and resilience by fighting back to tie the game at seven with two minutes remaining.

The starting line for the Tippinators went back on the field for the final point and scored what would be the final point of the game for a Tippinator win. After the game both teams shook hands and Storm proved itself a classy organization, by socializing with the Tippinators and wishing the team luck in its next game.

A long cold and wet three hour wait could not dampen the spirits of the Tippinators as they prepared for what is always the team’s favourite game of the season against their arch rivals and close friends Bedford Maniacs.

From the opening horn the Tippinators jumped out to a two point lead and did not look back. The Maniacs dug deep using some return to xball veterans along with their core group to battle hard. In the end the Tippinators aggressive dorito side play was the difference as the Tippinators pulled out a 9-5 victory.

From the observation deck atop the Willis Tower in Chicago Illinois a scream could be heard all the way back to Halifax when the Tippinators at Living Legends 4 heard about the second victory at event one over the Bedford Maniacs.

To the surprise of the entire league, and with a depleted roster, the Tippinators accomplished what no one but the players themselves believed possible, ending event one as the only team with a perfect record. The Tippinators proved that heart and determination can push players past their perceived limits and win games.