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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tipps Ready for LL and MXL

Tippinators Playing Living Legends and MXL In one week the Tippinators will send players to both Living Legends at CPX in Illonios and event one of the Minor Xtreme Paintball League season.

CPX Sports and Tippmann have teamed up with Scenario Paintball producer Kerry "Viper" Rosenberry to bring the paintball community the second installment of the immensely popular 24-hr Scenario Game honoring the "Living Legends" of paintball on May 29-31, 2009 at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL. CPX will have free camping available beginning Friday, May 29. CPX Sports is a 143-acre, $6.5M paintball park located in the Chicago suburb of Joliet, IL, and is widely regarded as one of the nation’s premier facilities.

The Canadian Xtreme Paintball League is the top professional X-Ball league in Canada. It contains three conferences and has added a minor conference in Atlantic Canada. Event one of the MXL Atlantic Division season will be May 22, 2011

There are four divisions of play in the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League: CXBL, MXL, RXL and CX4. Each year, the top team in each division (with the exception of CX4) is promoted to the higher division, and the bottom-placed team is relegated to the division below with the exception of the Atlantic MXL division which has no higher division.

The CXBL was founded in 2005. At that time it consisted of just two divisions, the Ontario Xball League (OXBL) and the Quebec Xball League (QXBL). After the first year, the league expanded to include a Western Conference, and the OXBL and QXBL were renamed the Central and Eastern Conferences, respectively. Each year, the CXBL has expanded to include new divisions. MXL was added in 2006, CX4 was added in 2007, and RXL was added in 2008. This has allowed a greater number of franchised teams to compete in the league, and has greatly increased the league's exposure in global paintball media outlets.

The league prides itself in being the sole league in the world to still utilize the "original Xball format". CXBL games still utilize two 25-minute halves, 15 balls-per-second ramping or semi auto, and full 2:00 and 5:00 penalties.