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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tippinators Take Undefeated Record Into MXL Event 2

Tippinators event 2 CXBL - MXL Xball
The Atlantic division of MXL’s event two is now in the books. The Tippinators went into Armymans Paintball in Truro Nova Scotia on Sunday June 26th putting their undefeated record on the line against two tough opponents.

Event two also marked the first time the entire revamped Tippinators xball team has been able to compete at the same time. Five of the xball squad missed event one due to attending the Living Legends IV scenario event in Chicago Illinois.

The returning players meshed with the event one squad seamlessly and the Tippinators took over from where they left off after event one. Once the first match against Sackville Mercs was underway giving players an opportunity to rest between points meant the team not only picked up where they left off but gained momentum.

The match started with the teams trading points then the Tipps started eating up the field and taking the play to the Mercs. In the end the Tippinators doubled up the Sackville Mercs 12 - 6.

After a two game wait the Tippinators were back on the field against the Saint John Syndicate. Syndicate hammered the Tipp on the first three points, the swept the team off the field and the Tipps did not make a single elimination. Shades of the last three seasons came flooding back, when the team would dig a three or four point hole before tightening up and starting to play.

Unlike previous seasons the new Tippinators were able to control the flow of the game, slow things down and dig back out of the hole. The Tippinators pushed hard and were able to take back the momentum of the game and scored a point with five seconds remaining to draw even with Syndicate at 7-7.

"I could not be prouder than I am right now." Said team captain Bruce ‘Charon’ Johnston. "The new player’s personalities and abilities fit perfectly with the team. Everyone is on the same page and most importantly everyone is having fun."

The 2011 Tippinators play with poise and enthusiasm the team has not seen is a long time. The line of Ken Gardiner, Justin Landry, Chris Mullins and the new dynamic duo of Christian Alary and Bryant Capson play together like they have been playing together their entire lives.

The father son tandem of Mark and Brandon Miller were on the same page all day and as smooth as olive oil each time the horn went.

The new young blood players on the squad, Aaron Vasil showed poise beyond his years on every point and Will Kerr, who is no taller than a Tippmann with a stock, played like a giant each time he stepped on the field

The eagerness showed on the face of Chris Landry who wanted to get on the field every single point and roll his marker so badly that he looked like he would bust out of his skin while standing in the pits.

Team Captain Bruce Johnston remembered to bring the pods.

Trevor Colwell coached the team and ran the pits like a well oiled machine through both games with help from players from the Bedford Maniacs and Northport Warriors.

Next stop for the xball team is Mission Paintball in Moncton on July 24th. The Tippinators look forward to taking their undefeated record up against Newfoundland Wreckhouse and Torbay Republic for what will be the team’s toughest test in the uncharted waters as a league leading team.