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Sunday, July 15, 2012

MXL Event 2 Mission Paintball Moncton NB

Minor Xtreme Paintball League Event 2 Mission Paintball Moncton New Brunswick
Minor Xtreme Paintball League Event 2

The CXBLs, Atlantic Conference, MXL Moncton, Event 2 the Tippinators for the first time would be playing three full xball matches in one day. To make things a little more challenging for the team, the weather at Event 2 on June 14, 2012 at Mission Paintball in Moncton, New Brunswick was forecast to be hot and humid.

The day started cool but heated up to the mid 90s by mid morning. All players were relieved when at mid day a light rain started and the heat broke, momentarily. The shower was short lived, when it ended the humidity jumped into the 90s. Through the day the temperature plus humidity meant the players were using cases of water as fast as they used cases of paint.
The Tipps gave it all they had with an eight man roster, but came up short all day. The games against 2011 MXL Champion Newfoundland Wreckhouse and the 2012 undefeated Fredericton Aggression turned out the same. In each case the Tipps came out on the short end of a 14-0 score.

 "Event 2 showed how hard teams train in this league. You can't for a second think lady luck will play any part in an xball match." said Tippinator Dan Lapham. "To walk away with not one but two goose eggs is probably one of the hardest realities to face in this sport."

Lapham continued with a smile, "Considering the team's roots there may be only one solution for us in Charlottetown at E3. We are going to arm ourselves with 20oz CO2 tanks, unmodified Tippmann 98s, 24" barrels and a guile suits."

The third game of the day was a rematch from MXL Truro Event 1 against Moncton Disturbed. The Tipps squeaked out a win at E1 and were ready for another good game in Event 2. The game was a back and forth battle with neither team able to take the advantage until the second half.

It was a highly entertaining back and forth battle with the final score 7-5. The Tippinators came up short for a third time but when shaking hands there were smiles all around both teams. The Tippinators had no wins and dropped to the basement in league standing but everyone had a great day of paintball.

The Tippinators want to thank Chris Pyke and Matt Dale from the RXL Bedford Maniacs. Chris and Matt really helped the team by guesting with the Tippinators for two games. With the short roster the Tipps needed the help, Pyke and Dale came through. Thank you for your help guys, you are now honorary Tippinators and welcome to play with the team anytime.

There is an axiom in Bushido Code - It is more honorable to fight using a weapon with flaws than to complain of a defeat and say it was not honorable to use such a weapon. Fortunately for the Tippinators this axiom was not the case. The Tippmann Crossovers once again ran flawlessly with the GISportz Four Star Paint. From the cool morning air making paint brittle to tougher shells cause by increases in heat and humidity, the Crossovers shot case after case with no issues.

Tippinator Bruce Johnston put the events of the day in perspective. "We commend the top teams in the league who spend a considerable amount of time on practice and self improvement. Their commitment to the game has translated to success on the field this season." Johnston continued "We will face all three of these teams at the next event. We will give each of these teams everything we've got, and we have fun doing it."

With one event left the season the Tippinators are playing for nothing more than pride. To a man the team is looking forward to Event 3 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Tippinator Chris Landry's attitude is echoed by the rest of his teammates "The math says we wont take 1st place, but we'll be damned if we're not going to have fun going down swinging."