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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Event 2 Set Up for Exciting ATWL Final

ATWL Event 2 sets up for an exciting finish to the 2013 ATWL season
Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Event 2 played on August 3, 2012 was some of the most exciting woodsball played in the history of the league. Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL invaded Hypersportz Paintball in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, to host the best players in the region for the mid point of the 2013 season.

Returning ATWL players were impressed with the field improvements that are continuing at Hyper Sportz. "We are making improvements to the playability of the field for the ATWL." said Field Manager Jim Bent. "We are getting great feedback from the players and will make more improvements for next season."

ATWL Event 2 sets up for an exciting finish to the 2013 ATWL season
An ATWL match consists of two, teams of ten players, playing two 20-minute games. The teams play one game, switch start points for the second game, to complete the match. Playing two games from opposite ends of the field eliminates any advantage in the field layout. The teams fight for three capture points spread across the field. Five points are awarded for every minute a capture point is held with a 25 point bonus for holding the center capture point at the end of the game.

The ATWL excitement began with the first game of the day as the sophomore Green Acres Goblins came out of the gate strong. The Goblins used aggressive fire and movement to control the field and wrestle a win away from the Mersey Road Predators by only 10 points.

"The Goblin came together as a team today and showed real signs of improvement." said James Langlois Captain of the Predators. "They (The Goblins) will be contenders if they continue to improve the way they have been."

The improvement of the Goblins was great to see but the story of the day was the play of the surging Strict Union Militia from Moncton New Brunswick. The Militia played nearly flawless paintball and finished the day undefeated.

The incredible play of the Militia dominated the day and propelled the team to first place for the season. A first place regular season finish puts SU in a commanding position heading into the league championship event in September.

The Nova Scotia Mercenaries played consistently strong paintball and finished the day just behind the Militia. "It has been a great day and a season to remember." commented Kevin Whynot Captain of the Mercenaries. "The team is playing well and we have put ourselves in a position to win in it all in the next event."

The depleted Mersey Road Predators played well all day but finish in third place. The looked good on the field but strong play of the Militia bumped the Predators into second position by a single point.

"It was a great day of paintball even though we slipped in the standings. We have a few things to improve on, but we will be ready for the Championship match." said Predators player Dave Rose.

After two events, SU Militia is leading the way with the Predators one Win/Loss point behind. The Mercenaries are in third place only five Capture Points behind SU. The Green Acres Goblins are consistently improving and should not be counted out.

Heading to the championship the teams are evenly matched as every team is a position to win it all. The 2013 TippmannX7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League winner will be decided at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia on September 14th.

Event 2 Results
Place Team W/L Points Capture Points
1 SU Militia 12 945
2 Mercenaries 6 735
3 Predators 6 515
4 GA Goblins 2 270

Season Standings
Place Team W/L Points Capture Points
1 SU Militia 15 1295
2 Predators 14 1020
3 Mercenaries 12 1290
4 GA Goblins 2 345

Championship Match Up - First Round Mersey Road Paintball - September 14th
9:00 SU Militia vs GA Goblins
9:30 Predators vs Mercenaries
Photos courtesy of HalifaxSportsPhotos.ca

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