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Monday, January 16, 2006

Tippinators Sponsored by Tippmann Sports

The Tippinators are pleased and excited to announce that on February 17, 2006 Tippmann Sports the world's leader in high-performance paintball products who pride themselves on producing high-quality, durable paintball markers and accessories at an affordable price has joined the Tippinators as a sponsor.

Team captain Bruce Johnston was overjoyed with the news, "I know I speak for the rest of the Tippinators when I say thank you very much Ron, Erich and the rest of the Tippmann team for allowing the Tippinators to join the Tippmann family. We are excited and very much look forward to a long relationship with Tippmann Sports. Rest assured the Tippinators will represent and actively promote the Tippmann name with honor, integrity and class."

The Tippinators whose special brand of paintball includes among other things using Tippmann A-5 paintball markers for tournament speedball as well as recreational woodsball play is what brought the team to the attention of Tippmann Sports. The Tippinators use the mechanically operated Tippmann A-5 head to head against electro pneumatic supermarkers tournament competition in an effort to prove that paintball is paintball regardless of the equipment used or in what venue played

Austin Flaherty summed up the feelings of the entire team "Tippmann sponsoring the Tippinators is an amazing opportunity to represent a fantastic company, I'm very excited about this."

The Tippinators will continue to promote the adrenaline pumping fun of paintball throughout eastern Canada while showing why the Tippmann A-5 is one of the best all around markers in the industry that can be used by any player of any ability.

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