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Friday, January 13, 2006

Tippinators Win Most Sportsmanlike Team

The Tippinators took to the field for their first tournament of the 2006 season at Stormwarning Paintball Games in New Minas, Nova Scotia on January 14, 2006. The team was eager to play at a new field for the first time.

The team was warmly welcomed by Bruce Adams and all the teams at Storms Paintball with many teams expressing their eagerness to take to the field against the Tippinators. The tournament was a rookie and novice event with 16 teams and ten rounds of play. Unfortunately the Tippinators were not able to play every team in attendance. Throughout the day the team did have a chance to meet and talk with almost every other participant and made many new friends as a result.

A great amount of athleticism and piantball skill was on display throughout the day on the long narrow indoor field outside New Minas and every team agreed the tournament was a huge success. Brian Adams and his dedicated team of referees made great calls, kept the time between games brief and the tournament moving along quickly.

The Tippinators played hard all day and ended up finishing 13th out of 16 teams with all team members except McClare attending the event. At the end of the day the winners were announced and much to the surprise of the team a special award was presented for sportsmanship. The entire team was deeply honored to receive the award with so many other honourable, fun loving teams in attendance.

A few of the best moments for the team were:

Overhearing members of another team talking after a game against the Tippinators. One player asked why his teammate had called himself out during play. His teammate responded "They hit me clean twice and even though I didn't see the break I knew I was hit. I called myself out because the Tippinators would do the same thing for us." This statement proves that there is still honor in tournament paintball.

Before a game was to start Charon heard the knock on the plexiglass in the viewing area. He looked up to see Nate from the ECO KiDz grinning from ear to ear and giving the team two big thumbs up. This small action embodies the true spirit of sportsmanship, teams competing against each other one minute then rooting for each other the next.

Being truly accepted in the tournament speedball world for what the Tippinators are, a group of woodsballers who just want to have some fun playing paintball regardless of the perceived stereotypes of the game.

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