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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tippinator Attends Special Ops Elite Weekend

The Tippinators are well-known as a Canada-based speedball and woodsball team, but with reserve members scattered across the continent of North America, one can never be sure where the team will be spotted next.

The Tippinators' Dawn Allcot traveled out to Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in the Special Ops Paintball Elite Weekend June 21st 24, 2007. As the Media Coordinator and Publicist for the event, Dawn spent the weekend hobnobbing with Tippinators sponsors and industry VIPs such as Craig Miller of DraXxuS and Erich Garbers and Dennis Tippmann Jr. of Tippmann.
On Friday afternoon, she joined media representatives from every major paintball publication at the famous SpecOps Retribution field to witness woodsball position clinics hosted by top players and industry greats.

On Saturday, it was back to the Retribution field to follow 60 Elite attendees as they completed a series of six woodsball challenges, from attack / defend and downed pilot paintball missions to a teamwork-based obstacle course.

"Elite Weekend means a lot of things," Dawn stated. "It's about strength of character. It's about pushing yourself beyond your limits. It's about working with your team to accomplish goals. As a spectator, it struck me how closely Elite Weekend aligns with the Tippinators' team philosophy; I hope more of the team can make it out for this one-of-a-kind event next year!"

On Sunday, Dawn traded her Elite staff t-shirt, camera and notebook for her Tippinators jersey, her custom Dagger vest and X7 paintball marker to mix it up at Monte Cristo, the densely-wooded field located about an hour from the SpecOps facility. At 7,500 feet altitude, Monte Cristo requires "flatlanders" to muster all their strength and stamina simply to conquer the terrain. Throw 80 opponents, a helicopter doing strafing runs and the heavily-armed Razorback tank in to the equation, and you've got the makings for an adrenaline-packed Big Game players will be talking about for years.

Allcot supported Big Game General Dennis Tippmann Jr. and Eric Engler of Engler Custom Guns on the Chinese side of this China v. Russia conflict. Duane Bell of Atomic Ordnance headed up the Russian team. A third faction was made up of local players, including Utah-based scenario team Desert Edge, while the SpecOps Factory Team led a group of mercenaries. All sides fought hard while showing the same stellar sportsmanship exhibited all weekend. In the end, the Russian team pushed harder, completed more missions and earned the win.

"Just being on the field with players like Greg Hastings, Jayson Orvis and Dewayne Convirs made my weekend," Allcot said. "I've been in the industry for a few years now, so it may be weird to say, but I was a little starstruck playing alongside all these industry legends! I can't wait for the next Elite event!" Special Ops Paintball and Elite Productions will announce the dates for the next Elite Weekend soon. 

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