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Friday, July 25, 2008

COBRA Attack at Mersey Road Paintball

The battle between good and evil, played out by children around the world with action figures for more than 40 years, came to life on July 6th at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The clash between G.I. JOE, the elite team using innovative technology and powerful gear in their battle to stop the evil COBRA organization from taking over the world, was the theme of the 4th installment of the Invasion Mersey Road scenario game.
The game, as in previous years, was produced, and staffed, by the Tippinators Paintball Team. Since it's inception, Tippinators player Austin 'Juno' Flaherty has been the driving force behind the Invasion series.
"Organizing any paintball event is always a stressful." Flaherty said. "We try to keep the Invasion games as simple as possible for the players. Simplicity allows the players to concentrate on playing paintball and having fun."

The game was constant respawn with multiple King of the Hill capture points around the field. Points awarded to the team for holding a capture point at designated intervals throughout the day.

To keep the tempo upbeat and players moving around the field, finding any of twelve props dispersed around the field earned the team additional points. Any player finding a prop needed only to return to their respawn to claim the points. Some of the fiercest battles of the day occurred while both teams attempted to simultaneously retrieve a prop positioned in the middle of clearings.

The evil COBRA team anchored by Team Vindication and the Mersey Road Mercenaries lead multiple charges into the G.I. JOE front lines without any sense of self preservation. While the Milsim Maniacs valiantly rallied the G.I. JOE squad in an attempt stem the tide of evil sweeping the field.

COBRA used the immediate respawn to their advantage. Eliminated players ran to the respawn then back into the fight, providing an endless supply of reinforcements.

G.I. JOE fought valiantly but could not withstand the unrelenting pressure of the COBRA attacks. Foot by foot COBRA pushed across the field. When the final horn sounded the evil doers had amassed 300 points compared to the G.I. JOE 150 point total.

Based on the success of the 2008 edition, scenario players from throughout Eastern Canada await the next Invasion game. Players are eager to play and the next original scenario production by Flaherty and the Tippinators.

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