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Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to Creat a Star Defense

Action Pursuit Games Paintball
originally published in the August 2008 issue of Action Pursuit Games
You and your team are slowly moving toward the enemy base in single file, keeping five yards between each player. You know the other side is close. Your adrenaline is pumping, your eyes peeled, your mouth is dry, and you can feel your heartbeat in your ears.

Just ahead behind a stack of logs you see a quick flash of light as the sun reflects off a mask lens. You know the other side isn't just close - they are really close!
The bushes ahead erupt as streams of paint come your way. You haven't walked into an ambush; you have walked into attacking force of the other team.

You can't pull back or you will be cut to pieces, and you are outnumbered. Now is your chance to be a 'Star'. To set up a hasty 'Star' defense that is.

The 'Star' defense is your best bet when you are on the move and need to set up a defense quickly. It is called a 'Star' defense because when all of your players are deployed each player will take up position on a point of an imaginary star.

Moving into the Star defense is easy. Look at the drawing and follow the movements players need to make.
The player in the front of your column (player #1) immediately drops and starts to return fire.

The next two players (players #2 & #3) move wide to the left and right of player #1 to give supporting fire.

The last two players (players #4 & #5) also move left and right only not as far as players #2 & #3.

Setting up the 'Star' defense works best with five players but it can be set up and work effectively with as few as three players or as many as nine.

The 'Star' is without a doubt the most effective hasty defensive tactic. There are five main reasons why the 'Star' is so effective.

Maximum Volume of Fire
No defense will work no matter how well executed unless you can bring the maximum volume of fire on to the attacking force. When you make initial contact the maximum number of markers can quickly be fired at the enemy to the front without running the risk of accidentally eliminating your own team mates.

Volume of fire alone will not ensure victory but a lack of fire will guarantee defeat.

Defense in Depth
Once the 'Star' is set you will have a defense in depth. If the other team tries a frontal assault they will have three layers of defense to penetrate before your team is eliminated.

A defense in depth is much more effective then one line of defenders.

Covering the Angles
Once your players are deployed you will have every angle of approach to your position covered. No matter from what direction the attackers approach you will have one of your players returning fire.

Supporting Fire
Your players will give each other mutually supporting arcs of fire in every direction. From every angle of approach there will be minimum of three markers that can return fire to an attack. Four or five markers that can return fire will cover most angles of approach.

Cannot be Flanked
The most important reason for using a Star defense is that the attacking team cannot flank your position. Your set up is equally effective from any side so no matter from which direction your defensive perimeter is approached there is no weak point. Your players need only to shift to cover all angles of approach, have defense in depth and will have mutually sporting arcs of fire.

Win Or Be Wiped Out!
It is never a good thing to run into the other side when you are on the move. You are in their territory. They are waiting for you, The other team has the initiative.

If you do not react quickly all will be lost. Everyone on your team must know what to do when the time comes.

Quickly deploying a 'Star' defense can turn the tables on the attackers and snatch victory from what would normally be certain defeat. Practicing and using this simple and incredibly effective hasty defensive set up can not only mean the difference between having your side wiped out, and winning the game. Do it properly it can also make you a 'Star'.

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