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Friday, August 8, 2008

Tippinators Continue AWL Success at Event #2

Once more into the breech, as the best woodsball teams in Eastern Canada again clashed at the Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) event 2 on August 9th.

The Tippinators showed up in strength, determined to continue the defense of their 2007 title, against five other teams, ready and eager to dislodge the champs and create their own piece of woodsball history.
This second installment of the league was played at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia. Event 2 saw the fierce woodsball action from event #1 continue unabated. Old rivalries were renewed and first time clashes were the order of the day in Atlantic Canada's premier competitive woodsball league.

Event 2 had the same format as event 1. Multiple capture points and games of 30 minutes in duration. As in event 1 the schedule allows for teams to play each other twice per day, swapping start points between games. Swapping start points eliminates the chance factor created by an uneven field set up.

The Tippinators were scheduled to play four games against two tough teams. The first games were against the AWL 2007 third place finishers Milsim Maniacs. The afternoon schedule had the Tipps set to go up against a young, hungry and talented new team to the league, Vindication.
The Milsim Maniacs, who have improved greatly since the beginning of the year, showed great grit and determination from the opening. The Maniacs charged headlong into the Tippinators line in and attempt to throw the Tipps off of their game plan. The Tippinators dug in and slowly pushed back the tide of Milsim players in both games. The Tippinators were fortunate to pull out victories in a pair of matches, closely fought to the end.

Improving their record to 8-0 means the Tippinators need only win one of their remaining two matches against the Overkill Commandos to retain the title at the AWL season finale.

With only one event remaining in the season the AWL is proving that the differences between woodsball and speedball are no as great as some players believe. The AWL is proving that competive paintball, is competitive paintball, regardless of the venue.

Kevin 'Big Can' Curry, 2008 champion in the APBL and AXBL xball leagues with team Shock, summed up the nature of playing competitive woodsball with the Tippinators. "To me there is no difference between woodsball and speedball. On either field I have a job to do and teammates to take care of." Curry continued, "I feel at home no matter what field I'm on, whether it be sliding in to the snake on the xball field or crawling through the bush towards the opposing teams flag station in the AWL"

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