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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halifax City Open Sets New Standard

Tippinators and Shock Run Largest One Day Speedball Event in the Maritimes

Message from Event Organizer Kevin 'Big Can' Curry

I was going to do this last night but I decided to sleep on it so as not to forget anyone. I have to be honest and most of the guys can attest to this, I had a feeling that something was wrong after the event (besides the fact that Kyle ripped down half the poles), It was a surreal feeling. I kept thinking we had done something wrong, that somehow we had overlooked something. Never have I been to an event and things ran as smooth as they did yesterday especially when consider this was the largest one day, one field event in Altantic Canada.

1. 140 games (including finals in 8 hrs)
2. The paint, all grades shot well.
3. 3000 PSI was more then enough for EVERY division
4. The reffs were Freakin excellent
5. The sportsmanship was amazing
6. The competition was fierce

We started planning this event back during the end of June. As players, most of you have probably heard me say this at one time or another, I was tired of going to events just to play. As a player, when I'm spending money, I want to know I'm receiving value......and not just prizes. I want value added. We put a lot of emphasis on the extra curricular activities as we did the actual field games.

1. Beer tent
2. Rockstar
3. Giveaways
4. Music
5. Interviews
6. Media (photos by Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators, look for his photos and article in an upcoming issue of Action Pursuit Games)

I want players walking away from this event, even if they didn't place, feeling like they were part of something special. As with every other sport, only the crème de la crème place. However, that doesn't mean you should just show up pay your money, wait an hour between games and play again. We had three main goals; 1. Players have fun, 2. Crowd involvement, 3. Fast paced games

I asked everyone for their thoughts at one point of another during the day. "Great event " was the number one response. I believe this was possible because of the experience of the staff involved. Everyone one of us has played both 3man, 5man and xball. we know what players want at events. We also believe in treating people "Like we would want to be treated" Don't get me wrong, there were a few hiccups and many went unnoticed. All those do is show us areas that need improvement for next year. OHHHHHHHHHH Yes, HCO will be held again. After the response I received from players, how could we not.

Thank you

1. Jim and Howie - They took the plunge, built a facility that we can all enjoy and whom w/o this would not have been possible
2. Buypbl.com - They have sponsored either myself or my team for the last 5 yrs. They really upped the ante this year with the prizes (Rookies all smiles)
3. Coors Lite - Probably the most important things we accomplished. the hurdles we had to jump for this to take place were many but a team effort pulled us through
4. Coca-Cola- In addition to Coors Lite, coke have already agreed to jump on for next year
5. Atlantic Xtreme - The paint was awesome
6. The reffs - Ken Gardiner has years and years of top AHL reffing, Not to mention the capable Tippinators and Shock reffs who were there to help him.
7. Justin, Chris, Bruce from the Tippinators, and Gilbert from Shock. You put many long hours into the field, the tourney, and the end team effort. WE HAVE succeeded.

TO YOU THE PLAYERS. To have everyone prepaid was amazing. Thank you for putting your trust and faith in us. We are only going to make this better.


3 Man Rookie (Single Round Robin-Total Points)

1 East Side Hustlas 810
2 Termination 750
3 Notorious 710
4 Nothing to Lose 680
5 Silent Assassins 640
6 Long Reach Paintball 550
7 Rampage 550
8 Ford Cobras 530
9 Anonymous 360
10 Banshee 270

3 Man Open (Single Round Robin-Total Points)

1 ECE 790
2 HSK 750
3 Renegades 630 (Renegade Beat BC in Head to head)
4 BC All Stars 630
5 790 560
6 Mersey 540
7 Overkill Mercs 340
8 Milsim Maniacs 320
9 Uneccessary Roughness 180
10 NWA 150

5 Man Open (Preliminary Round Robin)

Strict Union 700
Truro Troopers 520
Storm 515
North Port Warriors 440
GIR 425
Splatz Factory 255
Explosive Kidz 145

5Man Open (Top 4 advance to finals, single round robin)

1 Strict Union
2 North Port Warriors
3 Storm
4 Truro Troopers

MVP-Garrick Deon - HSK
Most Sportsmanlike- Aaron MacDonald - Team Rampage

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