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Friday, September 12, 2008

Tippinators Go 10-0 to Win East Coast Championship

The pop heard after the final horn sounded ending the 2008 Atlantic Woodsball League (AWL) season, was a champagne cork pulled by Kevin 'Big Can' Curry of Tippinators. Curry and the rest of the team used champagne to celebrate their second AWL victory in as many seasons.

The final event of the AWL season took place September 13, 2008 at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia. The best woodsball players from across Atlantic Canada came together for the climax of the league's sophomore season.

Tippinators came into the day with an undefeated 8-0 record. The strong Mersey Road Mercenaries with an 6-2 record had a chance to overtake Tippinators on the final day. The team would have to play their best paintball of the season to retain the championship.

Victory for the team was by no means assured as the final matches were slated against the talented Overkill Commandos. The Commandos who beefed up their roster for the final event and home field advantage would prove a true test for the team.

From the opening horn of the first match Justin 'KossaK' Landry was able to move up the center of the field, within sight of the flag station, and hold back the Commandos until support could arrive. When teammates moved into flanking positions to provide suppressing fire Landry moved forward to pull the flag.

With two of the three flag stations in the teams control the plan was to spread out the field, hold the Commandos back and run out the clock.

Richard 'Krush' Robinson, Dan 'The Mexican' Lapham and Kevin 'Big Can' Curry used aggressive fire and movement to move up the left side of the field to within yards of the third flag station.

Seeing their flag station was under pressure the Commandos reinforced that side of the field which played into the Tippinators game plan. Robinson, Lapham and Curry effective pinned the other team for the remainder of the game.

After winning the first match of the day, the Tippinators were assured victory and the league championship, regardless of the outcome of any other games.

Not wanting to relent and pushing for a second undefeated season the Tippinators came out even stronger in the second match against the Commandos.

Match two picked up where match one left off. From the start the Tippinators pushed through the middle flag station and held the field for the remainder of the match.

After a successful transition to league xball, the team is overjoyed to end the competitive season on a high note for woodsball.

Robinson, one of the keys to first match victory, is please with the 2008 season. "It was a fantastic year. We went from rookie three man to league xball and now we are the repeat AWL champs." Robinson continued, "Every player used their assigned roles to more effectively suit the style of play, xball or woodsball, and gel as a team." Robinson also sees one key to 2008, "This year we had a little more confidence in the woods building on the success from last season."

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