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Monday, July 27, 2009

SNL Paintball Anniversary Game

The AXBL season is over so it time for the Tippinators to head back to the woods, and their roots. SNL Paintball, in Truro Nova Scotia, held their 17th anniversary game on July 26th, 2009 turned out to be the perfect opportunity for the Tipps to once again roll around in the mud.

Players from across Atlantic Canada joined together to help field owner Vic MacFarlane, along with support from Eric Fisher from Banshee Paintball, celebrate the longest running annual paintball game series in Eastern Canada.

The scenario was a simple, each team, the Canadian Nationalists versus Nova Scotian Separatists, were assigned a base. The objective was to capture other base and replace their flag with your own to declare victory. Timed ten minute respawns allowed reinforcements to flood the field and keep the action going.

The Tippinators, anchoring the Separatists, rushed forward from their base, a hill top castle overlooking the entire field, toward the Nationalist’s base located in the full size town at the base of the hill.

After a pitched battle the Tippinators were able to take a foothold in one end of the town. Mark Miller, armed only with his TPX, lead a push from building to building until Miller pulled the Nationalist flag to end the game just before the lunch break.

During the break field owner MacFarlane held a draw for a number of door prizes, ranging from bags of paint to the grand prize of a Tippmann 98. The Tippinators received a round of applause from the players when the team donated the door prizes they won back to be redrawn or to the youngest players at the game.

The bases switched for the second half of play. The Tippinators and Separatists allies started defending the town, the Nationalists controlling the hill top castle. Aggressive fire and movement by the Separatists pushed the Nationalist team slowly up the hill toward the castle and surrounding wooded area.

The Separatists repelled a number of Nationalist counter attacks to keep control of the area for the duration of the game.

In the end, Mark Miller's flag pull in the first half of the game was the deciding factor and the Separatists were declared victorious.

Vic MacFarlane and his crew at SNL Paintball after 17 years know how to produce a first rate scenario game. Not only was the game a success, but MacFarlane once again did what he said he wants "All I want is for every player to have the best time of their lives when they play here."

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