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Monday, August 17, 2009

Tippmann Laser Tag and TPX 2v2 at Tippmann Challenge Mirabel

The Tippinators Paintball Team made a much anticipated journey to Mirabel Quebec to attend Tippmann Challenge 2009 on August 15th.

Hosted by Paintball Mirabel in Mirabel Quebec and sponsored by Tippmann Sports and PBL Action Sports, the 2009 event drew over 1000 players to the registration tables for Tippmann Challenge.

Upon entering Paintball Mirabel, the team was captivated with the sheer magnitude of the facility. Boasting 33 individual playing fields, and seven million square feet of playing area, Paintball Mirabel is considered to be the largest paintball center in Canada.

On arrival shuttles ferried the team from parking area to the center of the Mirabel facility, along side the tents of the team’s main sponsors, Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL tents.

Team members had the privilege of meeting representatives of Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL, and were invited to stage beside the sponsors tents where Tippmann Sports and PBL marker techs provided repairs and products to those in need for the duration of the event.

Excited to hit the field, the team suited up, climbed aboard another shuttle for transport to the on field start point. After arriving at the "City" field re-spawn area the Tipps were released into the largest scenario game many of the team members have ever participated.

The introduction to the teams first Tippmann Challenge was best summed up by Tippinator Dan Lapham. "This is going to be a hurricane of fun that we're ALL going to get swept up in." - He was right.

The Tippinators's first mission was assigned directly from the team general, who sent the Tipps and a fair portion of troops to the southern area of the field; a huge town, filled with buildings, bordering Mirabel's "D-Day" field.

Droves of players clashed to get through the lines. Over the next two hours the team, along other squads of players were able to rush the hills and push through the German lines.

Following a professionally catered lunch break a whistle blast announced the second half and the first surprise for the Tippinators. The team was invited to carry out a secret three part mission. If accepted, the team would have 30 minutes to carry a large ammo box containing paintballs, courtesy of BuyPBL.com and Paintball Mirabel, from the staging area to the front line players in the "woods" zone.

In part two the team would re-supply frontline players with hopper top ups and encouragement. Once the resupply depleted, part three would end the mission by returning to the staging area inside of the 30 minute time limit.

Without hesitation the Tippinators accepted the mission. Tippinators Jason Thomson and Mark Miller, equipped with Tippmann TPX pistols, carried the ammo box forward, as teammates cleared the way with aggressive fire and movement.

Once in at the front, Tippinators Richard Robinson, Chris Mullins, and Dan Lapham repeatedly refilled their single pods to re-supply forward positions, while Tippinators Trevor Colwell, Austin Flaherty, Ben Vanhorn, and Chris Landry provided covering fire for the duration, allowing the re-supply team freedom to work, and the mission to succeed.

The Tippinators returned to the staging area with all part complete in under 30 minutes to have the secret mission declared an overwhelming success.

Following the mission, the crew from Tippmann Sports, invited the team to try out Tippmann's new Predator Laser Tag system. After an equipment run through by Ron Goldblatt, Tippmann Sports Director of Marketing, the team hit Mirabel's turfed X-Ball field. Austin Flaherty said, "We were out there having fun, just like we always do playing paintball, but without, well, paintballs."

Tippinator Mark Miller commented, "The Predator System is remarkable, easy to use and a lot of fun to play with!" Miller continued, "The Predator system is ideal for younger players interested in the sport, but who would like to try paintball without the paintballs."

Near the end of the day Tippmann Sports invited the team to open the Tippmann TPX 2v2 Challenge with a Tippinator TPX exhibition match. Four Tipps each armed with a new Tippmann TPX pistol in and 2 magazines were told to let loose and have some fun.

Within a minute the speedball field at Paintball Mirabel fell silent lest the applause of other players and on looking teammates. Tippinators Chris Landry and Richard Robinson put opposing team mates Mark Miller and Dan Lapham in the dead box, opening the official Tippmann Challenge TPX 2v2 contest, and closing one of the Tippinator Paintball Team's most memorable paintball days to date.

The Tippmann Challenge 2009 was a first class event that should be experience by every player at least once.
The Tippinators want to thank Tippmann Sports, thank you PBL, and thank you Paintball Mirabel.

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